kajetan Berlin was established in September 2018 as a private art gallery for viewing and reflecting in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Located in a former artist studio the gallery is prioritizing creative innovation in a serious way above else and is focusing on so far underrepresented mid-career artists with distinct and strong personal perspectives, whose work is characterized by complexity and precision of form, as well as on discoveries and rediscoveries.

With engagement we try to liaise the represented and exhibited artists of the gallery with museums, curators and private collectors all over the world.

kajetan Berlin
Raum für Kunst
Gneisenaustraße 33
Fabrikgebäude, 1. Hof
D-10961 Berlin

+49 (0)176 5779 2651

Wednesday to Friday, 2–7 pm
Saturday, 12–4 pm and by appointment


We do not guarantee a response to unsolicited submissions.